Things You Need to Check Before Making a Purchase

Custom duties are not included in the product price. When importing products as general freight, the importer needs to pay customs duties, value added tax/consumption tax, customs clearance fee, and other fees specified by the region. You need to pay them by yourself when the products arrive, so please make sure to check your country’s customs website, etc.

Shipping Fee: flat rate of $30 by DHL.

Due to restrictions in our shipping policy between Japan and the UK, orders under $200 are restricted. For more information, please click here.


Cancellation, Returns, and Exchanges

Although we take every precaution, if products that you have received are defective or different from your order, we will accept your return and exchange the products.
We will give you instructions for how to deal with this situation including the “send back to” address, so please contact us within 7 days after the arrival of your order with the specific details.

Returns and exchanges due to customers’ personal preferences such as “the size doesn’t fit me,” “the product is not what I expected,” or “I made a mistake in my order” cannot be accepted. We do not accept returns, change of order contents, and additional orders after order completion. We ask for your understanding in advance.

When ordering, please confirm details of the products on the products page, etc.

Products you purchase on TOGA ONLINE STORE cannot be returned or exchanged at stores.

Returns and exchanges cannot be accepted in following cases.
・Returns due to customers’ personal preferences such as “the size doesn’t fit me,” “the product is not what I expected,” “I made a mistake in my order,” etc.
・Products that have been delivered 8 or more days ago
・Products are used, altered, or washed
・Packing slips or product tags are missing
・Products have dirt or are damaged by customers
・Product conditions are quite different from when they are delivered to when they are returned (including boxes and attachments)
・Products have odor
・Packaging that is a part of products has been opened
・Products have not been purchased on TOGA ONLINE STORE
・Products are sale products, outlet products, or reserved products
・Returns, exchanges, and cancellation due to dirt and damages on packaging materials, which occurred during storage, shipping, import, or other processes

<Caution regarding Sale and Collaborative Products and Campaigns>
・When you purchase products on TOGA ONLINE STORE and input a gift code, the campaign discount is automatically applied to your purchase.
・Please note that online campaigns cannot be applied to purchases at stores, etc.
・Sale products are excluded from novelty giveaways.
・Campaigns cannot be used along with other campaigns or coupons.
・Please note that the gift code will not be usable after the campaign period is over.
・It is expected that at the start of sales, many customers will view the same page.
It may result in troubles such as unviewable pages, etc., but we cannot do anything about it.
If that happens, please try accessing the page again after a while.
・Discount is applied only during the campaign and sale period. Please note that discount will not be applied if you put the products in the shopping cart before the start of sale or complete your purchase after the sale is over.
・Products in your shopping cart will be secured after the order (purchase) is completed. When there are orders by multiple customers, the products may be out of stock even when your order has been completed.
・Returns and changes or additions to the order after the order is completed cannot be accepted.
・Sale products cannot be returned.
・Products with campaign applied cannot be returned or exchanged.
・Products cannot be redelivered due to an unknown address or undeliverable absence.
・For exchanges of defective products, we will exchange products as long as there are stocks when customers contact us. Please contact the customer center first. We will refund the amount when products are out of stock.
・When you find defective products after delivery, please contact the customer center.
・For partial refunds (cancellation) for products you purchased during the campaign or sale period, if the refund (cancellation) affects the total amount of purchased products such that it does not reach the amount that the campaign discount can be applied, the refund will be made with the amount differing from the regular price of all purchased products deducted from the amount that has been set at the time of order completion. We ask for your understanding in advance.

<Products that Have Been Purchased at Stores> For all products that have been purchased at stores, repairs, alteration, returns, refunds, and exchanges will be handled at the store you purchased. TOGA ONLINE STORE cannot accept any requests such as above. We hope for your understanding.
Returns and Exchange Procedures
For defective products or wrong delivery, please contact us with the specific details within 7 days after the arrival of the products. We will then notify you the <<return address>>, so please send the products back. Please make sure to include documents such as packing slip along with the products to return.
Exchanged products will be shipped as soon as exchanged products are ready after the original products are received at our company and it has been made sure that they are not used. Please note that exchanges are only possible when products are still in stock.
Please note that we will refund the amount if we cannot exchange products due to circumstances such as products are out of stock.
We will bear the cost of delivery for returns and exchanges of defective products or wrong delivery.
*Please note that it may take some time for us to respond to you when you contact us before or on Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese holidays, and New Year holidays.

To Apply for Returns
Please contact us with specific details. *Please note that we do not accept returns after the return period is over
For returns from the side of our company or a delivery service provider for reasons such as damages at the arrival, we will basically offset the amount with your credit card company. If offset is not an option with your credit card company, we will refund the amount of the price of the products along with delivery fee via bank transfer to your specified bank account.

In the case of a refund (not offsetable using your credit card), the amount equivalent to the price of the product along with the shipping fee will be paid to your specified bank account via bank transfer.
Please contact our customer center by email. We will give you instructions for the procedure in the return email.

After receiving your request, it takes about one to two months for us to make a refund.

[Customs Duties]
When importing products as general freight, the importer needs to pay certain customs duties and value added tax/consumption tax imposed by the country.
If you paid taxes upon arrival of our products, you need to take the tax refund procedure by yourself. Tax rates and systems vary by country, so please check the customs website, etc. of the relevant country.
Personal Import Customs Clearance Procedure (Reference: Japan Customs website):

For products purchased at stores, not TOGA ONLINE STORE, please contact the store you purchased the products at.

Please contact the customer center for questions about returns, exchanges, and refunds.