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Established on: August 30, 2019

TOGA ARCHIVES Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) truly recognizes the importance of customers’ personal information, complies with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Personal Information Protection Guidelines”, and sets its own standards. Furthermore, all of the Company’s employees follow these laws, guidelines, and standards. The Company continues to meet the expectations and live up to the trust of its customers by appropriately managing the personal information provided by its customers and properly using such information in line with the intended purposes.

Handling of Personal Information

1. Obtainment of Personal Information
・When obtaining personal information from customers, the Company asks for their consent upon clarifying the purpose of use of the information.
・The Company obtains customers’ personal information through lawful and fair means.
・You need to enter your personal information for online store membership registration. The services of the online store will not be available unless you provide your personal information.
2. Use of Personal Information
・When using customers’ personal information, the Company uses it only to the extent necessary in accomplishing the purpose of the use.
3. Purpose of Obtainment/Use of Personal Information
・The Company obtains and uses customers’ personal information for, including but not limited to, the following purposes: 1) sales promotion through distribution of information, letters, etc. such as product information, living-related information, and/or special benefits, 2) processing of sales-related services such as order acceptance, payment, product reservation, repair/modification, shipping at a later date, shipping, and/or after-sales services, 3) marketing activities for product planning, product development, business development, etc. in the future, and/or 4) margin trading.
・For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, the term “personal information” includes not only the personal information of customers, but also the personal information obtained indirectly through customers such as personal information of their family members and/or personal information of shipping recipients.
4. Security Measures for Personal Information
・To protect customers’ personal information, the Company establishes and properly implements company regulations including personal information protection regulations.
・The Company implements necessary and appropriate security measures against risks such as unauthorized access to customers’ personal information as well as loss, divulgence, an/or tampering of personal information.
・To ensure protection of customers’ personal information, the Company assigns a personal information protection manager. Additionally, the Company helps its employees improve their awareness of personal information protection through training and education and exercises necessary and appropriate supervision over its employees to ensure implementation of security management for personal information.
・When the Company is entrusting a third party with the handling of customers’ personal information, the Company exercises necessary and appropriate supervision over the third party to ensure implementation of security management for personal information.
5. Provision, etc. of Personal Information to Third Party
The Company neither discloses nor provides customers’ personal information to any third party unless: 1) the Company has obtained consent of the customer, 2) the Company has received a mandatory request from a judicial institution or an administrative agency based on the laws and/or regulations, or 3) it is necessary for protecting the material interest such as lives, property, etc. of people.
Furthermore, even if the Company has consent of a customer, the Company takes all possible measures to ensure personal information protection by establishing an agreement with the third party, to whom the Company is disclosing and/or providing the person’s personal information, regarding personal information protection.
6. Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuation, etc. of Personal Information
・The Company puts effort into keep customers’ personal information accurate and up-to-date.
・Upon request from a customer for disclosure, correction, discontinuation, etc. of his/her personal information, the Company will promptly handle the request.
・If you would like to make a request for disclosure, correction, discontinuation, etc. of your personal information, please do so using the Company’s prescribed form. For details, please contact us through the CONTACT page.

Tatsuya Kanamori
Representative Director
Personal Information Protection Manager