Things You Need to Check Before Making a Purchase

Custom duties are not included in the product price. When importing products as general freight, the importer needs to pay customs duties, value added tax/consumption tax, customs clearance fee, and other fees specified by the region. You need to pay them by yourself when the products arrive, so please make sure to check your country’s customs website, etc.

United States, Canada, Australia: flat rate of $100 by DHL.
The other countries: flat rate of $30 by EMS. (Some countries cannot be sent due to COVID-19.)



1. Product Orders
On the detail page of products you would like to purchase, select the color and size you want and click ADD TO CART, then the product will be moved to the CART. On the CART page, product quantity can be adjusted. Once you are done selecting products, click CHECK OUT in the CART page to enter the purchase procedure.
2. Information
If you have completed your membership registration, your registered information is automatically displayed after logging in. If you would like to purchase products without membership registration, please fill out email address, shipping information, etc. here.
3. Custom Duties, Shipping Fee, Payment Confirmation, and Others
Custom Duties
Custom duties are not included in the product price.
When importing products as general freight, the importer needs to pay certain customs duties and value added tax/consumption tax imposed by the country.
If you paid taxes upon arrival of our products, you need to take the tax refund procedure by yourself. Tax rates and systems vary by country, so please check the customs website, etc. of the relevant country.
Personal Import Customs Clearance Procedure (Reference: Japan Customs website):

Shipping Fee
We charge a flat rate of $30 as a shipping fee.

Payment Method
We only accept credit card. Please enter your credit card information and enjoy shopping.
Make sure to check the items in your cart before clicking “Complete the Order”.
For delivery, we use the EMS provided by JAPAN POST Co., Ltd. However, please note that their delivery areas are limited.
EMS (The following webpage is in Japanese.)

Details of Delivery Services
4. Displaying of the “Order Completed” Page
An “Order Completed” page will be displayed.
After the request procedure for your order is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.
If you do not receive a confirmation email, your order might not have been sent properly.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but if you have any questions, please contact us by completing our inquiry form with prescribed details.