TOGA × Tabio





TOGA × Tabio 12/20 11:00A.M (JST)

Five different styles of TOGA × Tabio collaboration socks.

Released in a special silver package.

The collaboration combines the technology of Tabio and design elements from TOGA.




Bicolor Socks TABIO $22.00

Size: 22.5-24.5

Color: red, green, beige ,navy




Color Panel Socks TABIO $25.00

Size: 22.5-24.5, 25-27

Color: green, red, orange




Small Jacquard Socks TABIO $25.00

Size: 22.5-24.5, 25-27

Color: red,brown, green, navy




Tiger Jacquard Socks TABIO $28.00

Size: 22.5-24.5, 25-27

Color: white, beige, burgundy




KANJI Jacquard Socks TABIO $28.00

Size: 22.5-24.5, 25-27

Color: white, black, dark green, burgundy



TOGA × Tabio