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NEW ARRIVAL / TOGA × Johnstons

On sale from (SAT) 25th September



【 TOGA × Johnstons 】

A triple collaboration between the well-established brand Johnstons, which was founded in 1797 in Elgin, Scotland, the painter Tomoo Gokita, and TOGA.

Two different styles of cashmere scarf are made from the finest yarn, including Mr. Gokita's monochrome artwork and the color’s presented at the latest exhibition.

It is a special creation, expressed by Johnstons' craftsmanship and Mr. Gokita's dynamic paint.





color: black, mix

size: one(186cm × 140cm)

price: $1,900.00






【 Johnstons 】

Over two centuries of experience have taught us to be gentle with our exquisite Cashmere and Merino Wool fibres. Our Elgin and Hawick mills are still family-owned, with Elgin the only vertical mill in Scotland, meaning we dye, spin, weave and finish everything on site. We marry delicate care and our soft Scottish water with innovative technology, outstanding design and unrivalled craftsmanship, to deliver products we are incredibly proud of – all Made in Scotland.





Born in 1969 in Tokyo. In the late 1990s, Gokita received acclaim for drawings made with charcoal and ink on paper. His first book Lingerie Wrestling was published in 2000. Starting with a show in New York in 2006, Gokita has exhibited his works in solo exhibitions internationally. In recent years, he has produced abstract paintings alongside figurative works made in black and white.

In 2012, his work was included in “The Unseen Relationship: Form and Abstraction” held at Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art. In 2014, his solo exhibition “THE GREAT CIRCUS” was held at the same. In April 2018, his solo exhibition “PEEKABOO” was held at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery.

His books and exhibition catalogues include Shuffle TetsudōShōka [shuffle railroad songs] (Tokyo: Tennen Bunko, 2010); 777 (Tokyo: 888 Books, 2015); Holy Cow (Tokyo: Taka Ishii Gallery, 2017); and PEEKABOO (Tokyo: Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation, 2018). He is currently based in Tokyo and has had solo exhibitions at Taka Ishii Gallery in 2008, 2012, and 2017.


Taka Ishii Gallery