Things You Need to Check Before Making a Purchase

Custom duties are not included in the product price. When importing products as general freight, the importer needs to pay customs duties, value added tax/consumption tax, customs clearance fee, and other fees specified by the region. You need to pay them by yourself when the products arrive, so please make sure to check your country’s customs website, etc.

Shipping Fee: flat rate of $30 by DHL.

Due to restrictions in our shipping policy between Japan and the UK, orders under $200 are restricted. For more information, please click here.





DHL shipping will be available worldwide,
from October 2 at 6:00 PM(JST).


-Shipping fee is a flat rate of $30

-Free shipping over $300


Restrictions in shipping terms between Japan and the UK limit orders below $200. We are very sorry, but we kindly ask you to re-order your UK-bound orders so that they will be placed for $200 or more.


 TOGA ONLINE STORE has been using U.S. dollars as the base currency, but we have introduced a new local currency payment service.
Customers will be able to browse and check out the store in their local currency if the currency of the country/region they are visiting is supported.
Please note that the applicability of the free shipping service over $300 will be determined based on the base currency.
Thank you for your continued support of TOGA ONLINE STORE.