Things You Need to Check Before Making a Purchase

Custom duties are not included in the product price. When importing products as general freight, the importer needs to pay customs duties, value added tax/consumption tax, customs clearance fee, and other fees specified by the region. You need to pay them by yourself when the products arrive, so please make sure to check your country’s customs website, etc.

Shipping Fee: flat rate of $30 by DHL.

Due to restrictions in our shipping policy between Japan and the UK, orders under $200 are restricted. For more information, please click here.







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・ Sale and campaign prices will be applied automatically when you purchase products from TOGA ONLINE STORE.

・ Sales and campaigns on this site are exempt from purchases at stores. Please note.

・ Please note that it cannot be used in combination with other campaigns or coupons.

・ Sale and campaign products are not eligible for novelty gifts.

・ It will not be applicable after the application period of the sale and campaign has expired.

・ At the start of sales and campaigns, it is expected that many customers will concentrate on accessing the same page. In that case, there may be problems such as the page not being displayed. In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait for a while before accessing.

・ The service will be applied during the sale and campaign period. The service does not apply if you put it in the shopping cart before the sale or campaign starts, or if you complete the payment after the sale or campaign ends.

・ Items in the shopping cart may be out of stock even after the order is confirmed (if payment orders are concentrated, the items have already been ordered).

・ We cannot accept returns, exchanges, changes in order details, additions, changes in payment methods, bulk delivery, changes in delivery destinations, etc. for orders for products subject to sale and campaign.

・ We cannot accept reshipments due to reasons such as unknown address or long absence.

・ If you wish to replace a defective product, we will replace it as long as it is in stock when you contact us. In that case, please contact the customer center. In case of missing items, we will refund your money.